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Children's Services

Special Care works with children in the family home as well as the community in the child’s natural environments. In-home services allow children to stay in their familiar environment and work on a variety of different skills that are client and family centered and individualized.

We do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” therapy program, instead designing and implementing programs and services that will best fit the individual child and family needs.

Special Care Children’s also highly encourages participation by parents, siblings, and other providers for the child such as respite, childcare, and school, to maintain consistency and provide the best care for the child.

We are currently intaking clients for our Children’s programs!

NOTE---For clients of North Bay Regional Center, please reach out to your Service Coordinator

for a referral to Special Care Services.

For referral inquiry or more information please email:

Special Care Director of Children’s Services Lesley Canizalez, BCBA, at

What we provide

Birth to 2 years 11 months:

  • Infant Development Services- home and community based developmental stimulation and facilitation of milestones for infants at risk of or with actual developmental delays in communication, physical (gross motor and fine motor), social-emotional or cognitive domains. In person, one on one, as well as Hybrid/remote services available.

Ages 3-17:

  • Children’s Behavioral Services: home and community-based programs with neurodivergent children with behavioral and developmental challenges that put them at risk. Services are tailored to the individual child and family needs and put in place preventative strategies to help keep children in the family home rather than needing to be in an alternate setting.

Let’s Work Together

Special Care Services

1679 Sunset Ave., Fairfield, CA 94533

Tel: (707) 803-5007

Fax: (707) 402-6702

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