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About Us

Special Care Services is a family owned and operated company in Solano County, CA. Supporting the needs of our clients is priority one. Our philosophy is to  provide person centered care for optimal health, safety, and quality of life for each client in their own home and community by doing whatever it takes.
Debbi Davis, R.N., opened Special Care Services in August 2016 after recognizing the need for a supported living service agency for individuals with complex disabilities and medical needs.
To avoid institutionalization Ms. Davis’ foster nephew, DeAngelo, was in need of placement. Because of his complex needs no agency was capable of supporting him. Ms. Davis quickly started Special Care SLS and in November 2016 DeAngelo was our first client.
Sadly, DeAngelo passed away in 2018 at the age of 25. He outlived his predicted life expectancy by many years, and it is comforting to know that because of Special Care, his last few years were the best possible in terms of quality of life, health, and safety. DeAngelo is the reason for Special Care and will never be forgotten.

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